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General School Requirements for eligibility for MSHSAA Activities Information can be found on the MSHSAA Handbook

  1. Students must be enrolled in 3.0 Credits (6 classes) the current semester in which they intend to participate in any MSHSAA Activity at the High School
    1. Cadet Teaching, Dual Enrollment, ECP, and CCE are options for credits, just verify with the AD that they are enrolled in enough credits for eligibility
    2. Dual Enrollment/ECP: Students must be enrolled in 3.0 high school equivalent credits with a minimum enrollment of 1.0 credits (2 classes) at Lafayette High School
      1. 3 College Credit hour class = .5 credits at the high school level
      2. 5 college Credit hour class = 1.0 credits at the high school level
    3. CCE can count as 1.0 Credit or 1.5 Credits on the transcript depending on how many hours they are working (Check w/ Matt Landwehr to verify)
    4. Study Hall, Senior Incentive, Office Aid, or any class that does NOT earn them a credit on their transcript does NOT count towards the 3.0 credits
  2. Students MUST pass 3.0 Credits (6 classes) the semester prior in order to be eligible for the current semester in MSHSAA Activities
    1. MSHSAA Summer School By Laws
    2. Fall Semester Grades impact 2nd half of Winter Activities & Spring Activities
    3. Spring Semester Grades impact Fall Semester & 1st half of Winter Activities
    4. Summer School Credits may be earned for following semester under following conditions:
      1. Students can only recap 1.0 credits (2 classes) in the summer to add to their fall semester to gain the 3.0 credits needed for the fall semester.
      2. They must have passed 2.0 credits in the fall for this to work
      3. Any class taken (online or in person) must be placed on the student's transcript, count towards graduation and the class must be completed by or before July 31, 2021 to count towards eligibility for the Fall semester.
      4. Classes that may be taken during the summer and count towards fall eligibility must fall under one of the following categories:
        1. Any Core Class counting towards graduation requirements
        2. Any Class in core content areas (SS, Math, Science, LA) that count as electives towards graduation requirements.
        3. Any Class (Some Examples: Fine arts, PE, FACS, etc.) that is a class that goes on their transcript and is a graduation requirement.
          1. ONE EXAMPLE: If they have fulfilled all their Fine Arts requirements to graduate, they could NOT take a Fine Arts class during the summer to count towards academic eligibility for the fall semester.
        4. As long as the class is a part of their graduation requirement, then the credit can be used for fall semester eligibility.
  3. We recommend that any student who is concerned with remaining academically eligible be enrolled in 7 classes and not in any classes that does not count as a credit (Some Examples: Study Hall, Senior Incentive, etc.)
  4. Collegiate Eligibility Requirements:
    1. NCAA Division I Academic Requirements
      1. Play Division I Sports | - The Official Site of the NCAA
    2. NCAA Division II Academic Requirements
    3. NAIA Academic Requirements &
    4. We field quite a few questions regarding NCAA approved courses.
      1. I wanted to pass along the link to view the courses that have been approved for Lafayette. This is public information so feel free to pass it along to others (coaches, parents, etc). To easily find Lafayette's list, ONLY type in the CEEB/ACT Code and click Search. Let us know if you have any questions!
      2. NCAA High School Portal:
      3. CEEB/ACT Code: 260948