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Policies and Procedures

Library Hours

Monday & Wednesday 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Students may come to the library before or after school, during lunch and/or with a pass from a teacher during class. Please sign in when you arrive and out when you leave, for safety purposes.

Check Out Periods

2 weeks, may renew

There is no limit on the number of materials you may check out. Early returns are always accepted!

Parents now have the ability to receive daily email notifications regarding the materials their child has checked out of the school library. Parents wishing to receive these daily emails should contact their child's school librarian to activate this feature.

Fines, Fees

  • Overdue Books - 5¢/day - up to $2.50 maximum fine
  • Lost ID reprint fee - $5
  • Items are considered lost after 50 days overdue. Items are considered lost if not returned by the end of the school year. Lost items are charged to the student. A fine of $2.50 will be charged (or deducted from a refund) for any lost item returned. Overdue/fine notices are sent weekly to student email accounts. Students must pay for any lost or damaged materials. Fines must be cleared to purchase a parking pass or to attend the Homecoming Dance, Winter Dance, or Junior/Senior Prom. Fines must be cleared before graduation.


  • Be courteous to others—be respectful of the needs of other patrons. If someone needs quiet to work, respect that need.
  • Be respectful of the space.
  • Be responsible with materials.
  • Use good judgment when online and printing.
  • Remember that the library is an academic space.

Library Media Center Handbook

For a complete listing of library policies, consult the Rockwood School District Library Media Handbook